"RINGMASTERS used to say their FLEAS were FED only on LADIES OF DISTINCTION..."

"An interesting new series with an interesting name...
that's got to be insect of the year." THE OBSERVER

THE GILDED VECTORS OF DISEASE radio series traverses the world in eight perennial purveyors of disease with THE LONDON SCHOOL OF HYGIENE & TROPICAL MEDICINE.

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The Shakespeare Hut

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From the 1929 central London landmark building, the School's current home, intrepid pioneers of public health research and disease control continue the School's historic tradition as a global institution whose work has helped to change and save lives on a far-reaching scale. The School is active in almost every country in Africa and its work has spanned all continents.

A golden MOSQUITO adorns the front of the School, wih seven other gilded vectors of disease. These have slithered, scurried, flown and bitten into the lives of humans down the ages and into our modern life, often viewed with horror or disgust, even with surprising love. Each 30-minute programme took one of these potent symbols of pestilence as its theme to explore how the RAT, the LOUSE, the SNAKE, the FLEA and more, have plagued us through history and how science is winning the war today.

An eclectic mixture of discussion, accessible science from internationally respected experts in thier fields, stimulating soundscapes and surprising creative writing from guest writers amd poets ruminating on uncomfortably fascinating pests. Some of these soundbites may leave you wanting to itch, while others find unexpected humour and an offbeat perspective served up with relish by The Mustard Club in THE GILDED VECTORS OF DISEASE.

Series Devised & Presented by REBECCA TREMAIN
Series Editor ROB FALCONER
Script Consultants GARY MERRY & ROB FALCONER

Beneath Malet Street, colonies of research MOSQUITOES, some dating in an unbroken line back to 1940, thrive in the School's bizarre underground Insectaries while Londoners walk unawares above. A special programme on WORLD MALARIA DAY depicted the past and present danger facing people across the globe, posed by this tiny but deadly insect.

Did the LOUSE change the course of human history? It has certainly decided the outcome of mayoral elections. Internationally renowned Professor of Public Health Entomology Steve Lindsay lifts the lid off the LOUSE jar.

Dr Caroline Lynch turned CSI Disease detective on a whistle-stop Underground ride through London's dirtier moments in history from 1347 to the present in pursuit of the elusive RAT.

BEDBUGS had better watch out - leading entomologist, zoologist and TV science expert Dr James Logan is hot on their case, while a laconic BEDBUG offered an intimate perspective on hotel guests in an unmistakable Bronx drawl.

Did we uncover the next Indiana Jones of Tropical Medicine when we met the School's latest wave of pioneers exploring the weird world of the FLY?

We sent our ophidiophobic crash-test reporter through the doors of the UK's unique Alistair Reid Venom Research Unit to meet lethal Puff Adders and face his phobia of SNAKES in a radio encounter not for the faint hearted... Click to buy the Double CD.

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